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I received a mail from Commonwealth of VA stating that with PEUC, I can get 50% of regular UI that I received (my UI is exhausted). If you self-certified past the 15th, i believed that you are not qualified anymore because VEC set a deadline for self certification. I did get last weeks but will see if this week I get my regular UI. Thank you guys in advance if anyone happens to know the answers to that!!!! At the start of the pandemic, the existing call center was staffed with 86 employees. If you are eligible to receive benefits but have not heard anything back yet, you will receive retroactive benefit payments up to the date that you were determined eligible as long as you filed your claims each week. Unless Congress passes an extension, no more additional UI benefits. The Virginia Employment Commission has received an unprecedented number of unemployment claims resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. I know the PUA people have received theirs but I don’t know anyone that is receiving regular unemployment that has received any of the LWA money. Can you give an accurate instruction on this so some of us dont make mistake and end up delaying the benefit. At least payments are retroactive and hopefully everyone got their stimulus to hold them over until you were able to get your payments. I will just have to set aside money so there is no big surprise. Virginia Workforce Connection - Complete set of employment tools for job seekers in Virginia. You can file weekly like with UI by phone or online at the same website you did for UI. Although I still didn’t get paid for that yet. November 19, 2020. Solid info? And Megan Healy, Gov. Hi, Did anyone receive payment of the $158 weekly PUA for the week ending in December 26th?? This is poorly run mess. My account balance is still saying 0 balance. The VEC will then notify claimants after this date to allow them to file/certify claims. Terry says: Tuesday at 1:59 pm And I still file it weekly either by phone or by online? Please understand, filing your weekly claim is different than the initial claim. Did you earn at least $100 for all the other weeks? The fund from the source of $300 is gone. I only received $300 not the full $1,800 I thought I was supposed to receive the full amount and I self certified a week before September 30th and I can never reach a representative on the phone, how can I have them correct the issue. You will need the following information to file your first claim. 1:1 Assistance with Medicaid Applications. You can see a summary of the estimated VA VEC payment dates in this video. My 1 concern is that the balance says I only have a 370.00 balance which is only 2 weeks worth and from there not sure if I then file for EDD (getting PEUC now) or if the system has just not caught up to the extra weeks we were supposed to get. No payment, still. I was able to file claims for weeks ending 1/2 and 1/9 on Gov2go. if they don’t answer leave a message and they will call you back within 48 hours. I hope this helps. I received the entire $1800. I talked to someone several weeks ago and was told looked like I should received at least 3 weeks and I still haven’t seen anything, Crazy you can’t get answers from anyone. According to a spokesperson for the Commission, over 900,000 claims were filed in just over 4 months from … So will i automatically get those weeks back ? I thought since last week it would have arrived on Thursday because of the holiday. See article for details. I made these calls consistently so just keep calling it until somebody comes on the line. I made a list of the local numbers (see my post below) so hopefully they will return my voicemail. The target date for implementation is 01/14/2021 for eligible PUA recipients.. Get your biggest tax refund guaranteed with TurboTax. I filed all my claims after I received my monetary determination, I filed for like two and a half months because it by this time it was already July and had not received anything because the gov to go website lost all of my information and the VEC had no info on my filing even though I had a confirmation number so we had to do it over the phone. I do use the VRS phone number at times to call for the balance or if there was a hiccup in the system, to make sure my payment for that week is on its way. That is old. So I’m gonna try getting on the website at 10 AM to see if I can make the appointment. If you have filed an unemployment claim before that date and are still awaiting a response regarding your eligibility for unemployment, you will receive retroactive payments for the back weeks of FPUC. 2. EB is the one that pays 50%. You do not need to file a separate request/application for LWA; however, you may need to self-certify to confirm that you are unemployed or partially unemployed because of COVID-19. Hang on to any verification #’s and confirmation numbers in case you have to call the VEC down the line. Pretty much I will believe payment is coming when its actually deposited and cleared into my bank account. The fund is gone. Hope everyone gets in! No and now we have to wait even longer because Virginia is so slow people in North Carolina started receiving the additional $300 this week and didn’t have to go through all the extra like if people dnt produce documentation by a certain amount of time that wil not get pd on the Gov2Go website u have to submit ur w2 a letter or recent paystub and it’s ridiculous because some places closed completely down due to covid and people can’t get copies of paystubs and who knows how long it wil be to get w2’s. Yes, I agree with Teresa because I tried filing at GOV2GO too after filing at VEC and it says that I have no more week to file. I haven’t received the extra 300 payment yet.. These programs have been funded and extended for 11 weeks, covering the weeks of December 26th, 2020 to March 14th, 2021. It is unlikely that you will receive one even if you are entitled. The weekly amount is more for everyday things like groceries and gas money. Have you received yours yet? Thank you. Do we continue filing after the week of Dec 20-26? I filed through GOV2GO. Then in my Messages, I received a confirmation number. They all insisted I had to give my gross amount but I am self-employed and I even had an argument with the local VEC office in my area and they said the same thing and because they insisted I had to give my gross amount I didn’t get but two weeks worth of Pua up until July 25th and that was it and I was supposed to get 13 weeks and even though I have faxed them the information and contacted the woman who takes the complaint through the VEC they still haven’t done anything and I seriously doubt they will I know a lot of people that haven’t received anything and they were working regular jobs they weren’t even self-employed and still didn’t get there Pua even though they qualified my neighbor got one payment back in April and that was it most of the money is probably going to people that don’t need it. so everyone that is having this problem call if u can’t do it on the site. God bless! I’m wondering why?? Do you have a number for Chesapeake Va area? Virginia’s Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims for Week Ending December 26th. The VEC is responsible for processing unemployment compensation claims and paying out benefits. My account still says zero dollars and no details available. I can’t reach anyone by phone and I don’t know what is going on or what to do. See more details on the VA LWA page. He works up on a Skyline Drive and hasn’t worked since like February and he received one Check in April and didn’t g. back to work until September so tell me what is wrong with the VEC and why they are ripping people off that need to pay bills and those who don’t even qualify for it are getting all the money. Virginia Unemployment Application . Now remember, I still haven’t self certified or anything. Is everyone having this problem? • Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC): provides an additional 13 weeks of Unemployment benefits to regular unemployment insurance recipients. I haven’t received anything since the end of December and I’m a single dad with two young boys. For weekly filing in GOV2GO, when do we choose the option “Mark as complete” and “Mark as incomplete? According to the recent news, there is a delay of 1 to 2 weeks and will be retro paid. As far as I understand the deadline to certify for LWA was 9/30/20. They have now been processed and they should be received no later than Monday, October 26. 866-832-2363 8:15am to 4:30pm, Monday - Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturday (closed Sunday and state holidays.) Terry the system wouldn’t let me file for my January 2nd PEUC claim. Generally they call within 24 to 48 hours so hopefully they can answer any questions we may have. That started processing payments around October 16th and payments started hitting people’s bank accounts or debit cards from October 19th. In comparison, the Commission processed a similar number of claims over five years! but no payments yet. I was able to file on that week. Workers have also struggled with confusing instructions and a byzantine application process. If you don’t file your weekly claim within the required time, you will not be paid unemployment benefits for this week. Thanks for listening. I recently switched to the VA debit card service, eventhough I got payment on it I thought that was the issue…but thank you for your help! I used the VEC phone filing instead of gov2 (does not provide me a link for more weeks anyway) to file for 1/9, which I did that on 1/13. Thank you both Erin and Tammy ! Thank you.”, I get regular unemployment do I still qualify for the extra 300. I filed my unemployment claim several weeks ago. You should try and call them and ask to have your response updated/changed. See further details in the section below including a link to the VA LWA page. Two different situations. File Your Weekly Continued Claim by Telephone. But if all goes well I will at least qualify for UI till the end of the year, which I hope not to be collecting till then if I can help it. Additional UI extended benefits or the extra $300 FPUC payment cannot be paid until these changes are implemented. Sad…. Did anyone else make their claim from last week today? Check your GOV2GO account, maybe you need to file PEUC. It seems as if my weeks just picked back up from where it left off of. Although the VEC has hired additional personnel and completed updates to their claims processing systems, it is strongly encouraged that new claimants to apply online. Also consider making a small donation to support us if the information here helped you. No one knows details. The VEC rep said that once the system is up and running by the 14th you will be able to file for your previous weeks and get paid retroactively. So try calling first thing when they open and you should have a better chance of being able to reach a representative. I had certified every week never stopped same questions asked….Now how long do I wait? So RUN, do NOT walk to do your re-certifications as at any moment the site may begin to have glitches again. You also have to enter your “Pin #” that you originally got thru the mail. What exactly is tra benefits? I did that for the first one and so far so good, I got my payment. So I did some research because I was not receiving my checks and I was supposed to receive the base amount + 600 dollars, and found out on the VEC website that I am supposed to turn in my net amount because we have to pay so much in taxes and when I contacted the Harrisonburg Virginia Workforce Office the management said that I had to turn in my gross amount regardless and I had to send them pictures from the VEC showing otherwise so they gave me a fax number and I contacted the VEC directly off of their website and the woman that supposed to handle complaints and they have yet to do anything about it. The first week people would be eligible for these payments under the extended coverage period would be the week ending January 2nd, 2021. Also I called to check my balance it still say a $0 balance. I have not recevied any reply. )Mailing AddressP.O. I too am still waiting. No I haven’t received anything you because I answered those questions wrong and accidentally submitted it so I dont think I’m getting anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It’s just few yes and no questions. Existing claimants who are eligible for PUA log in here to file their weekly claims. The $300 and $400 extra unemployment benefits authorized by President Trump have started to go out in a number of states. Hello Jeremy. Does this mean I’ll get paid for two weeks since my last payment was around December 29th or only 1 week? Call 866-832-2363 option 1 then option 9 to speak to a representative. I called back on Tuesday to see if my payment had been processed and how much money I had left on my claim. Has anyone been denied and found out why. Based on what Teressa posted I too went to the Gov2Go site and went through the process of re-certifying (I think that is what she meant by extension) for week ending 1-2-2021 which up to earlier yesterday the system said I had exhausted my benefits (which is not true). Same here…I am still waiting on my payments for weeks ending in 12/26, 1/02 and 1/09 I have PUA…I read that VEC is reprograming software today for PUA and hopefully money will come in either this week or next week. Me! And again thanks bunches and God bless. As of Sept. 1, only three states, Kentucky, Montana and West Virginia, had decided to supply the extra $100.Vermont’s plan to bring the total payment to … Absolutely and the crazy thing is I still haven’t got the lwa that was sent to me in October and returned back to them in October and they still haven’t re issued that I have called six times already this morning and can’t get nobody I have a zero in the account and when I put my pin in they tell me I have to call the number that I just called. I cannot file on the gov2go app either. I am feeling dejected since I am applying for jobs and either I don’t hear from them and my application goes in the round filing cabinet or I get a reply but its nope, we went with another candidate. The target date for implementation is 01/08/2021 for eligible UI and PEUC recipients (now implemented). Cause its not letting file a claim saying u have no weeks to jus trying if im good tho. Finally I went to the Gov site and they’re applied for the PUA.

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