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FREE Standard UK Delivery Add to Basket. I ended up doing a gut/poly hybrid and eventually switching to Yonex. To accommodate such a flexible frame construction, StableSmart features a unique frame geometry that maintains excellent stability and power. Comments: Specifics: Wilson Clash 100 strung at 46 lbs. £75.00 . Juuri tämä yhdistelmä joustavuutta ja kiertojäykkyyttä tekeekin tästä todella uniikin tennismailan. A great combination of strings will brighten up this racquet. FreeFlex uses proprietary carbon mapping to generate new dimensions of frame bending, giving players free-swinging accuracy with every stroke. Luxilon's LXN Smart 125 string is the first of its kind. X. Wilson Super Tour 6 Racket Bag - Red . Novinka na trhu raket pro všestranné hráče. Tennis balls . Η clash και το smart έχουν παρόμοια συμπεριφορά όποτε μου φαίνεται περίεργο να αντιπροτείνει η Wilson κάτι τέτοιο. I found the properties claimed to be true. I'll tell you my thoughts of Element and Smart which are as they say- soft string. Men's Shoes Women's Shoes Junior's Shoes. Comments: Specifics: Wilson Clash 100 strung at 46 lbs. Luxilon’s new LXN Smart string ($20/set; $290/reel) aims to bridge this gap. Description The manifestation of Wilson's most noteworthy racket innovation, Clash 100 features a pair of technologies that work together to create ultimate control. Difference between Wilson Clash 100 & Clash 100 Tour. No matter the serve or situation, the LXN Smart gives you the ability to vary your stroke selection. Proprietary carbon mapping throughout the hoop delivers superior ball pocketing for masterful control, while Stable Smart helps maintain stability in this ultra-flexible racket. According to Luxilon, Smart behaves like a typical poly on fast swings, which means it … 5.0 all court player. Tagged as Editor’s Choice on Wilson Official website. Maneuverability is a very important factor for girls to consider first. The Clash 108 is the one of the newest additions to Wilson's hot selling Clash family of racquets. £59.99 . This Tennis Racket is also available in our Letchworth sports shop. I only had one set for a test so I chose to string it up in my weighted-up Babolat Soft Drive for this Luxilon Smart string review. This racquet is the best tennis racquet for 3.5, 4.0 or 4.5 players (Beginner or Intermediate). According to Luxilon, Smart behaves like a typical poly on fast swings, which means it delivers the firm and controlled response players expect. Wilson Clash 108 V7 Specs . The thinness seems so interesting. Overgrips Replacement Grips. Tenisová raketa Wilson Clash 108 + Luxilon Smart + Vypletení zdarma. For me soft strings have played better - I thought BB Silver 7 Tour is gonna be soft, but it's crisp. It is designed to process the speed of the swing and adapt its properties in real time to give you all the control you're looking for. PDH strung it for me as well and it feels very solid and at last it is the right weight for me at 295g. Velmi pružný rám, přesto je velmi stabilní. Here is my Luxilon Smart String Review. Luxilon Smart is the world’s first high performance tennis string whose characteristics change in real-time based on the force of a player’s swing or shot. Wilson Super Tour 6 Racket Bag - Red. So as I thought- a bit overhyped. This is by far my favorite Luxilon string. The lowered tension was like a trampoline. w_5100. While this is an all-around frame, it excels on serves and volleys thanks to its friendly swingweight and solid feel at impact. Head Size: 100 This magic racquet reacts way better with soft string at lower tension. Wilson Clash Weighs in at 326 grams (11.4oz) strung and has a balance point of 31.5cm (9 points head light). Uses two new technologies to provide superior performance. Playing Tour Bite 17 (1.2) at 50lbs and loving it - Not sure how similar to Silver 7 Tour, but certainly don't get any feeling it's too stiff for the frame. It’s the first string expressly designed to be played at lower tensions. £110.00. I have played for two hours with smart 1.25, in my 98 clash and I loved every second of it. Due to less stiffness frame flexibility improve the effort you put in your shots which makes it more arm-friendly. the luxilon smart @52lbs i would also consider trying the clash with b.rpm at 44lbs,, as @cluckcluck said, you have to try it,, plus wilson recommends stringing the wilson clash at low tensions, FullBed.poly will work comfortably at 44lbs after i wrote this, i read your post a #12,, i … Does it work? The creation of the most remarkable racquet is a mixture of FreeFlex and StableSmart where both modernize an amazing stick to take more control and stability on every stroke with excellent power push. One of the key outtakes of this Wilson Clash Pro Review is that the Clash was actually a real piece of innovation in an industry that usually moves slow when it comes to pushing the envelope of development. Luxilon's answer to this familiar problem is a string called LXN Smart, which features a more evolved version of the Multi-Mono technology found in their M2 and Element strings. As with their M2 and Element series, Luxilon has designed this string with variable flex to perform optimally across different stroke speeds. Description Wilson Clash 100 tennis racket is lighter than the Tour and has been designed to be flexible without compromising stability. Luxilon Smart quickly identifies a player’s swing speed and then adapts to provide more flex on … My local store stopped keeping track of my demos. Overall wilson clash one … The first string engineered to process swing speed and adapt its properties in real time, LXN Smart does all the thinking for you. The Wilson Clash 108 has arrived! Hello readers, welcome to the Wilson Clash 100 review, from this section we will explain every aspect of this stick in more depth. The idea behind the Luxilon Smart string is for the string to stiffen on faster swings for control and soften on slower swings for touch, feel and comfort. More pace comes when you target in the center of the court and while focusing on baseline it proves its capability in power and control. Wilson Clash 100 Pro/Tour Tennis Racket [Frame Only] £159.99 . These rackets are the most flexible frames on the market thanks to Free flex technology which has remapped the carbon layering within the frame.

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