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The site is credited to and includes many photographs of Deryk Schlessinger, the 21-year-old son of the talk radio personality known simply as Dr. Laura. Tracy Kotval Deryk Schlessinger Wedding. The presence of that psycho in Iraq is yet another reason why we need to pull out now. EMERGENCY!!!! He continued in his email, “I cannot comment on whether [Schlessinger] was personally responsible for the material, only that our enemies are not responsible. Sadly, they will use that space to promulgate and disseminate untrue propaganda.”, So was it “our enemies” putting offensive material on Deryk Schlessinger’s MySpace page? Use this page here to login for your Independent subscription. In order to combat spam, we are no longer accepting comments on this post (or any post more than 14 days old). Free Online Art Class for Those That Need It Most! Lewis Bishop, Tracy Schlessinger, Laura Schlessinger, Laura Schlessinger and Robert Sallberg, and many others are family members and associates of Deryk. Did Deryk Schlessinger – the soldier son of syndicated talk show host Dr. Laura who’s currently serving in Afghanistan – post images of rape, murder, torture, and child molestation on his MySpace page? Deryk Schlessinger S Wedding Pictures to Pin on Pinterest - PinsDaddy What: pin. Did Deryk Schlessinger – the soldier son of syndicated talk show host Dr. Laura who’s currently serving in Afghanistan – post images of rape, murder, torture, and child molestation on his MySpace page?. Schlessinger's only child, a son named Deryk, was born in November 1985. The official answer to that question is an unequivocal “maybe” – the Army will only confirm that the investigation is complete, but will not discuss whether Schlessinger was at fault or whether he was reprimanded. Latest News from. For what seems like decades, Dr. Laura Schlessinger has denounced the society-detroying demon of “permissive parenting,” urging parents to live up to their God-given duties with honor and instill the eternal values of the Ten Commmandments in their children, and berating all who fail. Dr. Laura's son Deryk Schlessinger has cartoons on is website of people raping a bleeding woman in front of her parents and raping a boy in front of his parents. 40% off (18 days ago) (16 days ago) (6 days ago) (5 days ago) norwex free shipping code - get-coupon-codes.info norwex now promo code - allcoupons.org. She is supportive of same sex relationships. Tipped off by a former schoolmate of the soldier’s, LaPlante reported that Deryk Schlessinger’s MySpace page was awash in objectionable material, from the aforementioned images to written entries such as “I LOVE MY JOB, it takes everything reckless and deviant and heathenistic and just overall bad about me and hyper focuses these traits into my job of running around this horrid place doing nasty things to people that deserve it . Deryk is the guy on santa's left. . Broadcast locally on 570 KNRS, "Family Values Talk Radio," the former family counselor spends three hours daily taking calls and offering advice on morals, ethics and values. An investigation was conducted by trooper Schlessinger’s chain of command and found nothing that indicated that any foreign government or enemy organization contributed to the webpage.”, But while enemies are off the hook, Accetta isn’t letting off other possible culprits. Except I was spared from Amy Grant, et al. Dr. Laura, was the subject of a military investigation. Ads related to: Deryk Schlessinger Results from Microsoft . Now I'm gay, the youngest man I've slept with is still old enough to be my father, I hate religion with passion, and I have a 99% chance of laughing when I hear something horrible. Oh, by the way, "Doctor," God wants his peroxide back. Deryk Schlessinger Married Tracy Kotval . Read Full Summary I agree with her on two main things: the chaos of divorce and remarriages brings upon kids, and the downside of daycare. My mother was and still is a religious nut. WHERE IS THE WORTHLESS MEDIA???? TVGuide.com. When Dr. Laura Schlessinger got her foot entangled with shards of broken glass a few months ago, she cleaned the wound, cringed at the amount of … ALL because she MADE me. Laura Catherine Schlessinger (born January 16, 1947) is an American talk radio host and author. " Literally, there was no "chest.". Intellect does not induce anyone to act. Gamespot. Demand for Vaccine Growing, Supply ‘Uncertain’, Repeat Offender Curt Carpenter Arrested Again, Death in the Family: Gerald Lee Walters, Yolanda Andrade, Frank Aiello, ‘Road Diet’ Proposed for Hollister Avenue, COVID In Santa Barbara: Scary Numbers, Long Lines, Vaccine Rollout in Santa Barbara County Moves Faster Than State, By the Numbers: Santa Barbara’s Third and Worst COVID-19 Wave, COVID Hits Record Highs in Santa Barbara County, Virtual Author Discussion with Gretel Ehrlich, VISIONS OF HOPE: Pandemic-Inspired Success Stories (via Zoom), “Feast for the Children” rolls on for Unity Shoppe, Adult Studio Art Workshop (via Zoom): Drawing. "Heathenistic?" My cheeks swelled out and the throw up began escaping my pursed lips. Laura Schlessinger knows about Deryk and has demonstrated a series of coverups, serious incidents of violence. Deryk and Laura photograph Now he’s deployed in Iraq, where he’s a soldier and blogger. Laura Schlessinger - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia ... Laura Schlessinger Laura Schlessinger US 39agony aunt39 radio host forced to: pin. Summary: Deryk Schlessinger was born on 11/05/1985 and is 35 years old. She later wed Lewis Bishop, with whom she had a son. Homosexual 'journalist' Matt Drudge, within minutes, would have had a flashing light and banner headline: SON OF DEM CANDIDATE IS DANGEROUS PEDOPHILE!!! Deryk Schlessinger Wedding Photos. . And like that, the Deryk Schlessinger/MySpace controversy ends with a whimper. Deryk Schlessinger . The best wedding I ever attended was on our 17th anniversary in 1999. Laura Schlessinger is an American author, radio commentator and talk show host who is famous for providing counselling as well as her straight-laced advice which garnered her fans and critics alike.. Schlessinger’s first marriage was to a dentist named Michael F. Rudolph who she met in 1972. You say, "The first time I saw those pix..." Durin, after such a violent reaction to the pics, why did you look at them again? I know almost every Amy Grant song by heart (also MWS, SCC, 4HIM, etc). (NSFW, or eyes.). Any disciplinary action taken is not publicly releasable nor are the specific allegations or investigation results.” Accetta said he could not discuss more because he was obligated to protect Schlessinger’s privacy. She gives the same down-to-earth advice she does everyone else. This is how these pigs operate. Here is the thing: If Deryk was the son of a so-called elitist liberal or degenerate Democrat (as FreeRepublic labels them), the very first thing they would have honed down to was the PEDOPHILIA. Two elements of the mind: intellect and will. Death Of Dr Laura's Husband Is this for real? Laura announced that she was no longer following Orthodox Judaism. Video of some puke dragging down and kicking a female at the RePUKE convention It was a little foamy, too. I've heard about four or five over the past few months. I don't know what she is now. http://www.chugbleach.blogspot.com/2007/05/diary-of-american-rapist-at-war.html, I remember back in the mid 90s when she was on KFI Los Angeles and a caller called in quite upset because she was so flat-chested that she was considering a boob job. It is entirely possible that other people had access to the computer or webpage and influenced its content.”, With the investigation complete and her son still in Afghanistan, what does Dr. Laura have to say about the situation? Deryk Schlessinger, Megan and Jon Moldovan. It is doubtful he can ever be redeemed outside the world of her public relation scams, That well protected bubble of Dr. Laura fantasy. There was a problem with this request. Dr Laura's Son Deryk Wedding . She is not anti-gay --- maybe she was but she's not now. Sometimes I wonder if my mother actually believes in God. Still, I'd rather have licked it up from the floor than have seen those photos again. The lady started to cry. The wedding was for a colleague, and the couple had shacked up for several years before they decided to get married. All that Lt. Col. David Accetta, the Army’s spokesman in Afghanistan, could offer via email from his post in Bagram was, “The investigation is complete and the unit commander took appropriate action based on the results. And one of those security concerns was that “our enemies” could be possibly behind objectionable material on soldiers’ websites, according to Army spokesman Robert Tallman. ... 01/14/2019. The first time I saw those pix of Dr Laura, I threw up in my mouth. Laura Schlessinger - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia ... Who is Laura Catherine Schlessinger ? CBS News. ... What chance does Dr. Laura's son have? Trew Knowledge. Among the treats reportedly found on Schlessinger’s now-yanked MySpace page: A stick-drawing cartoon showing a top-hatted man raping a bound and bleeding woman in front of her family, another cartoon showing a man forcing a boy to perform oral sex at knifepoint as the child’s mother pleads for her son’s life, and the following blog entry: Full story here; Dr. Laura must be so proud. Tough-talking, morality-dishing therapist Dr. Laura Schlessinger is finally opening up about her naked past. I guess I was too young, I barely remember half of the shit she would say. Memberships can be cancelled at any time. Speaking of Dr. Laura’s wounded pride, please enjoy these classic nude photos of the good doctor. It seems the final chapter has an open ending in the Deryk Schlessinger saga, which began last May when Salt Lake Tribune reporter Matthew LaPlante discovered that the son of Santa Barbara resident Laura Schlessinger, a.k.a. While LaPlante apparently tipped off the Army about Schlessinger’s MySpace page, the Pentagon was already in the midst of shutting down soldier access to such social networking sites because of security concerns and bandwidth pressures. Even Bill Bennett would be screaming about his and calling for worldwide protest. Site by I've hated that fake doctor ever since. Metacritic. The Schlessinger contretemps, and possibly much worse to come, but then again, perhaps not… Do you people even live in the real world? And in spades. http://bp2.blogger.com/_0qTU784XP0M/RlN-vZQUuyI/AAAAAAAAAu8/rkt42RzAXqc/s1600-h/with+Andy+Granatelli.jpg. Please note this login is to submit events or press releases. 40%. I've only known one lady that flat-chested. Powered by WordPress.com VIP. Children's welfare is the driving force behind Dr. Laura's mission. To cancel, go to Account Management and click the 'Cancel Dr. Laura Family Premium Membership' link. Coupon-code, Coupons Code, Promo Codes . TV.com. Some background on Deryk Schlessinger: Apparently he converted to Orthodox Judaism along with his mother in 1998 (when he was 12) and joined the Army in 2004. http://bp2.blogger.com/_0qTU784XP0M/RlN-vZQUuyI/AAAAAAAAAu8/rkt42RzAXqc/s1600-h/with+Andy+Granatelli.jpg He was quoted in LaPlante’s article as saying, “It may be possible that our enemies are actually behind this. Santa Barbara News-Press grunt, Laura Schlesinger's son startled and horrified many in his homeland last May when the Army launched an investigation for a possible Court Martial.By the end of August the Army cleared what they called "the enemy" and declined to say why Deryk was not cleared … As well as using him as a model for the family values venue (excluding his 3 half-siblings). Before moving to Deryk's current city of Santa Monica, CA, Deryk lived in Santa Barbara CA. Was Deryk Schlessinger kidnapped or severely injured? Deryk Schlessinger Still Serving in Afghanistan. Do you people hate another human being so much that you are willing to take whatever rumors surface as absolute truth? To clarify, just before "warrior son" Deryk (what an awful name to give to your kid) started college,Dr. December 21, 2002 / 7:26 AM / AP Telling her audience, "I have to talk to you listeners about something," radio host Dr. Laura then dropped a … Sure, it started a little bit, and I thought that would be that, but it kept coming. I was also always shocked that she was Jewish. Dr. Laura's Mother Found Murdered. I guess I already know the answer to that. Tech Republic. OFF. Go extreme Christianity. The site is credited to and includes many photographs of Deryk Schlessinger, the 21-year-old son of the talk radio personality known simply as Dr. Laura. Big surprise. Apparently Mr. Poe and I are related. Since then, multiple people have called The Independent asking what happened to the investigation, and that public interest is the primary reason for this update. Dr. Laura's personality is apparently as 2-dimensional as her chest. In respect to this, is Dr Laura's son married? Dr. Laura Schlessinger Phil Konstantin, via Wikipedia. A devoted mother to her son, Deryk, she identifies herself as "her kid's mom" because that's her most important job. According to her personal friend, Shelly Herman, Laura lived with Lewis for about nine years before she was married to him. Copyright ©2021 Santa Barbara Independent, Inc. Reproduction of material from any Independent.com pages without written permission is strictly prohibited. Lewis Bishop Dr Laura's Husband . “Deryk Schlessinger is proudly serving his country as a soldier in the Middle East,” wrote her PR manager Cecilia Cardenas earlier this week, “and for his protection and the protection of his fellow soldiers abroad, we have no further comment and refer all questions to the U.S. Army.”. When Independent.com repackaged and localized LaPlante’s story on May 22, it became one of our most emailed and widely read articles to date. He explained, “There is no evidence to support any enemy involvement in creating the MySpace webpage. Dr Laura Schlessinger Son. His Army MySpace, KingOf*Hearts*, was noticed and soon subject to a court martial investigation. They married the same year but divorced in 1977. In 2000, Schlessinger signed a deal with Paramount Domestic Television to produce a syndicated talk show, which would be carried mainly by the owned and ... Dr: pin. Schlessinger's husband died November 2, 2015, after being ill for 1.5 years.

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